Acoustic diffuser “Sharp Bass Trap”

Acoustic bass trap Sharp Bass Trap offers significant sound absorption in the low frequencies and is an excellent addition to the basic acoustic treatment of specialized rooms. Sharp Bass Trap is used to lower the so-called “boom” effect that masks the good audibility of mid and high frequencies. Designed to absorb low-frequency sound waves. Specially designed for installation in right corners of rooms.
The set includes: a cube with a size of 30 x 30 cm. + a diffuser with a size of 25 x 25 x 100 cm. – 3 pcs.

Conference and teleconference rooms, call centers, television and radio studios, recording studios, sound processing rooms, rehearsal rooms, music halls, public spaces, concert halls and auditoriums.

• Innovative and attractive design.
• Efficient sound absorption of low frequencies.
• Easy to install.
• Easy to maintain and cut.

Material: technical polyurethane foam.
Density: 28 kg/m3.
Color: Dark gray.
Installation method: Gluing with polyurethane or polychlorinated glue, suitable for walls and ceilings.

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