Stone mineral wool “Knauf FKD-N Thermal”

“KNAUF FKD-N THERMAL” is a compact plate made of stone mineral wool with a uniform density, belonging to hard products. The product has very good thermal insulation characteristics – low coefficient of thermal conductivity, which provides excellent thermal protection of the building.”FKD-N THERMAL” is non-combustible, resistant to high temperatures, water-repellent, resistant to aging, chemically neutral and highly vapor permeable. Its dimensions do not change with large temperature fluctuations. For easier work, the surface of each “FKD-N THERMAL” plate is marked with two strips, which must be on the installer’s side when laying the product.

“KNAUF FKD-N THERMAL” is designed for heat and sound insulation, as well as fire protection of an external wall in the ETICS system for single-family and multi-family residential buildings.

• Very good thermal insulation characteristics.
• High fire protection.
• Very good strength characteristics.
• High vapor permeability.
• Dimensional constancy.
• Natural and long-lasting material.
• Resistance to chemicals, microorganisms, birds and rodents

Fire protection – Fire reaction class A1 – non-combustible material..
Thermal insulation – Low value of the coefficient of thermal conductivity λD = 0.034 W/mK..
Sound insulation – Excellent sound absorption due to the fibrous structure of the product.

Каменна минерална вата “KNAUF FKD-N THERMAL”

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