Stone wool boards for facades “Izocam”

Stone wool boards are used in composite systems for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire safety of facades. They are installed by gluing to the facade, doweling and plastering. Facade thermal insulation provides a fire-safe environment, reduces environmental noise, and at the same time high temperatures in the home in winter are preserved for a long time. The stone wool thermal insulation system allows moisture particles to effectively pass through the walls and insulation. Moisture will be absorbed by the fibers of the wadding and pass through the breathable topcoat placed over it. If there is residual moisture in the walls – a breathable system with insulating wool will allow this moisture to pass out and the walls will be dry.

Buildings wear out from temperature contractions and expansions, from continuous exposure to moisture, dust and atmospheric influences. The insulated facade is protected from these harmful influences and can last longer without additional wear and tear. The fibers of cotton wool absorb sound and, in addition to thermal insulation properties, it also provides a high degree of noise insulation. The facade stone wool of the Izocam company covers the surface of the building like a shield and gives effective results

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The stone wool boards for facades “Izocam” are ideal for sound and heat insulation in the following cases:

• Facades.

• Thermal insulation and sound insulation.

• Fire safety.

• Easy installation.

• Energy saving.

• Quick return on investment.

Каменна вата на плочи за фасади “Izocam”

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