Decorative wall paste coating “Jub Decor Perla”

Perla is a semi-transparent acrylic paste for decorative coatings on interior surfaces. It creates a pearl effect on treated surfaces. It is used with known decorative techniques. It creates a waterproof film and is easy to clean.

Perla is ideal for:
• Interior surfaces.

• Mutual mixing of various colour shades.
• Regarding the treatment method, it gives the impression of stone, leather, linen cloth and wood textures.
• Depending on the treatment method, it gives a textured appearance similar to stone, leather, fabric or wood.
• Resistant to wet abrasion.

Consumption: 200-300 ml/m2 for each application.

Packaging: Box 1 kg.

Surface: It is applied to properly prepared and smooth surfaces (plasters, concrete, gypsum and fiber-cement boards). Remove poorly-adhered layers of paint, oil paints, varnishes and enamels from the already painted surface. Disinfect and clean surfaces affected by mold.

Color shades: White, gold, silver, bronze; Can be colored with JUPOL Gold or Acrylcolor (up to 3%).

* The product is only available in the “DI TRADE GROUP” warehouse in Sofia

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