Gypsum panels for external walls “Knauf Vidiwall HI” with SK edging

“Vidiwall HI” is intended for external walls, thanks to its high impregnation and resistance to atmospheric influences. They are produced with differently shaped edges SK and 2VTF, depending on the way the joint is processed. The color of the board is blue. Board type acc. to BDS EN 15283-2, fire reaction class A2s1, d0 acc. BDS EN 13501-1 Gypsum fiberboards “Vidiwall HI” are made of high-quality baked gypsum and paper. Thanks to the homogeneous structure and pressing during production, a hard and stable board with extremely good physical and mechanical parameters is obtained.

Field of application of gypsum fiber boards “Knauf Vidiwall HI”:
• Schools.
• Hospitals.
• Hotels.
• Housing construction.
• Industrial and sports buildings.

• High resistance to scratching the walls due to the high surface hardness.
• High mechanical strength of the walls.
• Walls with high sound insulation. Dry floors for isolation from impact noise.
• Mechanical strength of the walls – hanging cabinets. Dry floors for acoustic comfort.
• Impact resistant walls. Fire protection of metal structures.
• Highly impregnated, which makes them resistant to moisture and atmospheric influences. They can remain outside for more than 1 month after installation, unprotected, without losing their main qualities.

Thickness (mm): 12.5

Width (mm): 1,200

Lengths (mm): 2,000

Sound: Increased requirements (up to 62 dB)

Fire Protection: Up to EI 120

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