Self-cleaning, silicone, scratch plaster “Nanoxil G”

“Nanoxil G” is a plaster made from the combination of silicone and other polymer particles. The applied plaster gives a uniform-grained appearance to the surface. Adheres well to fine and rough construction surfaces.

Provides decorative protection of facade wall surfaces of modern, high-rise buildings without or with projecting roofs.

• It is based on the latest discoveries in nanotechnology.
• It is more difficult for dust, soot, and other dirt to stick to the painted surface, due to the high content of silicone particles and siloxane additives.
• Highly resistant for facade surfaces that are extremely exposed to precipitation; – extremely high resistance to the effects of smoke, ultraviolet radiation and other atmospheric factors.
• Long-lasting protection against the development of wall mold and mildew.

Color shades: White (color 1001); JUMIX: JUB’s color catalog for paints and putties (shades marked with * and ending in 4 and 5).

Technical data:Granulation: 1.5 and 2.0 mm; Consumption rate: approximately 2.6 – 3.4 kg/m2 (depending on granulation); Density: approximately 1.90 kg/l; μ vapor permeability (EN 1015-19): <200; Sd value (EN ISO 7783-2): <0.40 m class I – high vapor permeability; Drying before reapplying (T: +20ºC, relative humidity: 65%): 6 hours ; Protection against getting wet from rain: approximately 24 hours; Water absorption (EN 1062-3): 0.30 N/mm2;

Surface: The surface should be slightly rough, hard, dry and clean, free of poorly-adhered particles, dust, grease, and other dirt. Suitable surfaces: fine mineral plasters of all kinds, basic thermal insulation plasters (cement-based), concrete surfaces, fibre-cement, plasterboard, chipboard and MDF boards and the like. Unsuitable surfaces: surfaces that have been painted with facade paints, lime-based paints, oil paints, varnishes and enamels. For priming, use UNIGRUND or JUBOSIL F diluted with water.

Preparation and application: Mix the mixture in a bucket using an electric mixer. Apply by hand with a steel leveling trowel or mechanically, to a thickness approximately the diameter of the thickness of the grain of sand in the screed composition. Level the surface in a circular motion using a solid plastic leveling trowel. Cleaning of work tools: wash tools with water immediately after use.

Consumption per m²: 2.6 kg, 3.4 kg

Packaging: 25 kg plastic box

Storage: 12 months in original sealed undamaged packaging in dry and ventilated rooms at temperatures from +5°C to +25°C. It should not freeze. Keep out of direct sunlight.

*The product is available only at the “DI TRADE GROUP” warehouse in Sofia

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