Moisture-resistant and fire-resistant gypsum boards “Knauf DFH”

Knauf countertops are the basis of any aesthetically pleasing space. With their correct selection, optimal functionality, security and quality are achieved. The application of the boards depends on the location, the requirements of building physics, aesthetics, functionality. “Knauf” systems will satisfy the requirements of modern construction. Type DFH2 according to BDS EN 520, reaction to fire class A2-s1d0 according to BDS EN 13501-1 Fire protection boards, whose gypsum core and cardboard are specially impregnated against water absorption.

“Knauf Bulgaria” received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for plasterboard types A, H, DF, DFH2 and DFH2IR produced by the Maritsa plant.

The ecological product declaration is an important document in the design of “green” buildings certified according to the international systems DGNB, LEED, BREEAM, etc. It covers all aspects of the impact on the environment that the production of the boards causes – from the extraction and processing of all raw materials and input materials until the boards leave the factory. In the Ecological Product Declaration it is written that gypsum is a material with an infinite number of possible recyclings.

For cladding walls and ceilings on a structure made of metal profiles, especially in damp rooms, e.g. bathrooms in residential buildings.

Field of application of standard gypsum boards “Knauf” type DFH:

• Residential buildings.
• Public buildings (hotels, offices, hospitals).

• Gypsum is a natural, ecologically clean material from extraction, through processing to its laying.
• Plasterboard and gypsum fiberboards produced in Bulgaria have an ecological product declaration.
• Vapor permeable, odorless and toxic gases.
• Various sizes and manufactured to EU standards.
• Subject to continuous internal and external quality control.
• They provide a perfectly smooth base for the finishing coating – paints, decorative plasters, ceramics, stone, wallpapers, varnishes, etc.

Sound: Increased requirements (up to 62 dB)

Fire Protection: Up to EI 120

Knauf DF fire-resistant gypsum boards

Thickness (mm): 12.5
Width (mm): 1,200
Lengths (mm): 2,000

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