Paint resistant to mold and mildew “Amikol”

“Amikol” is a paint based on a water dispersion of polymer particles, pigments and special additives. An interior semi-transparent paint that inhibits the development of wall mold due to its special ingredients. It is used for painting those surfaces where the appearance of wall mold is expected due to the macro and microclimatic conditions.

”Amikol” is ideal for:
• Interior surfaces where wall mold is expected to occur.

• Paint designed for highly exposed wall surfaces and those prone to mold infection – bakeries, bottling factories, healthcare facilities, etc.
• It has good vapor permeability.
• Odorless.

Spending rate: 150 – 190 ml/m2 for two-layer application on smooth surfaces; Density: approximately 1.40 kg/l; μ coefficient: approximately 3000; Sd value (EN ISO 7783-2): <0.30 m class II – medium vapor permeability; To dry before a second application (T: + 20 ºC, relative humidity: 65 %): to be dry to the touch: 4 – 6 hours, after this period a second application is also possible.; Wet friction (EN 13300): resistant, class 1; Coverage: class 1 with 7 m2/l; Appearance: Translucent. Surface: The surface must be firm, dry and clean. Suitable surfaces: unpainted surfaces: lime-cement and cement plasters, linings made of quality gypsum boards, surfaces leveled with self-leveling compounds, concrete surfaces and fiber-cement boards. Unsuitable surfaces: surfaces painted with lime-based paints and surfaces with oil paints, varnishes and enamels.

Preparation and application: Cover a cleaned surface with a suitable primer before painting. The paint is applied with a roller, brush or by spraying. Dilute with water up to 5%. Cleaning of work tools: wash tools with water immediately after use.

Consumption per m²: 200 ml.

Packaging: 15 l. plastic box.

Storage: In original sealed undamaged packaging, in dry and ventilated rooms at temperatures from +5°C to +25°C. It should not freeze. Shelf life: 18 months.

Color shades: White; it is possible to color it in pastel tones with DIPI KONCENTRAT;

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