Mosaic plaster for plinth “Knauf Butz”

“Knauf Butz” is a ready-to-use, paste-like, decorative, mosaic plaster intended for external and internal use in the area of ​​plinths and for making details on facades.

It is intended for the production of mosaic plaster on facades of buildings with a high degree of humidity (spraying with water), such as plinths, the area around the entrances to buildings, etc.

-Systems for contact facades in the plinth area.
-On lime-cement plasters.

– Waterproof.
– Vapor permeable.
-Protects against splashing water.
-Resistant to wear.

Packaging: 25 kg bag.

Consumption: BUTZ 1.5 mm – 4.5 kg /m2.

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