Chamber polycarbonate

Polycarbonate has different names: structural polycarbonate, chamber polycarbonate, channel polycarbonate or multi-wall polycarbonate. The term “chambered” is used because of its special internal structure. The air that is in the chambers, between the partition walls, inside the polycarbonate, provides its thermal insulation. Polycarbonate sheets are used where transparency is required at the same time as high impact strength. Thanks to these properties, boards are widely used in the construction industry and for decorative purposes.

The material is used for architectural roofs and glazing, canopies and vertical industrial facades, skylights and side windows, greenhouses, covered walkways, roofs and canopies for stadiums and sports facilities, bus stops, garages, verandas, conservatories, greenhouses, greenhouses, pavilions , billboards, exhibition stands, signs and decoration, residential and industrial roofs and glazing, movable walls and partitions in residential and industrial buildings, swimming pools and sports facilities.The boards have excellent physical and mechanical properties. The walls of the chambers ensure the high rigidity of the material and at the same time give it elasticity. Hard-to-burn material, retaining its characteristics for up to 10-12 years

• Lightweight and impact resistant.
• High light transmission.
• Excellent structural durability.
• Resistance to UV rays and atmospheric influences.
• Almost completely blocks UV radiation.
• Easy to handle and install.
• Excellent thermal insulation properties

Камерен поликарбонат

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