Have you insulated your summer villa?

In spring, the sun begins to peek through the clouds and family summer houses once again become a favorite vacation spot for the whole family. After not being used for months, they need maintenance and repair for the summer months.

Summer houses are used for a short period of time and therefore are not adequately cared for during other seasons. They are usually built without the necessary insulation. Residents of summer houses that do not have such insulation are exposed to unbearable summer heat. Running air conditioners to cool rooms increases energy consumption and raises electricity bills. Cooling in the summer requires much higher electricity consumption than heating in the winter. This leads to impaired living comfort and health problems. The installation of appropriate insulation creates a pleasant environment for rest, reduces energy consumption and at the same time protects the building from unfavorable atmospheric conditions and ensures a longer life of the building.

Having been uninhabited during the winter, summer houses are more affected by adverse weather conditions. Large temperature amplitudes have a negative effect on the facade of the building, rain and snow can damage the roof, and the walls can absorb moisture. All of this leads to increased maintenance and repair costs that are required to repair this damage.

The best solution to prevent these unpleasant consequences is the use of thermal insulation materials from the company “Izocam”. The installation of thermal insulation with a greater thickness reduces the costs proportionally, while the prices of the other components of the system remain unchanged. It is good that the thickness of the insulation should also be adapted to the climatic zone in which the summer house is located – whether it is by the sea or high in the mountains.

The solution for wall insulation is the facade wool of plates, produced by the company “Izocam”. Flat roofs can be insulated with high density roofing batting. Pitched roofs can be insulated with XPS – Foamboard or with wool on a roll or plates /uncoated or coated with aluminum foil/. Insulations will prevent damage to structural elements that can occur due to large temperature differences.

Take the necessary steps and insulate your home. Indulge in your summer vacation, treat yourself to an unforgettable summer and enjoy the comfort and coolness of your summer cottage.

You can find all the necessary insulation materials in our warehouses.

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