How to insulate with “Kalibel”?

Kalibel is a composite product created from plasterboard, stone wool or mineral wool.

It is used for heat insulation, sound insulation and fire protection of walls. The Kalibel is glued to the wall using special glue and fixed with dowels. The plasterboard joints are filled with grout and reinforcing mesh and the surface is painted with interior paint.

Since the walls with Kalibel insulation work on the mass-spring-mass principle, good sound insulation is also obtained.

If a Kalibel composite system is made with mineral wool, the annoying noise can be greatly reduced!

Instructions for applying Kalibel:

  1. The surface of the wall to be insulated is cleaned and prepared for application.

  2. The planes are cut according to the size of the wall so that there is a gap of 1 cm from the floor and 0.5 cm from the ceiling.

  3. A special glue is applied to fix the plasterboard and stone wool, about 3-5 kg ​​per square meter.

  4. Kalibel surfaces are fixed to the wall with dowels.

  5. After the Kalibel boards are leaned against the wall, a rubber mallet and level are used to level them.

  6. The Kalibel boards are maintained until the glue has set well.

  7. The plasterboard joints are filled with grout and reinforcing mesh.

  8. The surface is painted with interior paint.

Professional recommendations:

  • Aluminum foil can be added between the panel and the wall, which will prevent the risk of condensation.

  • In order for there to be no problem with the installation of Kalibel, the wall must be perfectly straight. If this condition is not met, it is desirable to make a structure on which to place the Kalibel.

Di Trade Group offers different thicknesses of insulation with Calibel depending on the wadding that will be used. Learn more about Kalibel.

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