The perfect stone wool insulation for pipes

Di Trade Group company offers insulation for pipes made of stone wool, produced by the “Izocam” company. These are cylindrical modules made of high-density wadding, covered with aluminum foil. Unlike those made from mineral wool, stone wool insulations can be applied at pipe fluid temperatures above 250°C.

The advantages of good pipe insulation are:

  • Reduction of heat losses. Reducing heat loss from the working fluid to the environment will save energy and money. Returning unused energy to the heat source for recirculation will reduce energy consumption. Heat loss due to poor insulation cannot usually be recovered, thus wasting the fuel energy used to produce it.
  • Cost reduction. Good insulation is directly related to saving energy and money.
  • Noise and vibration reduction. Fluid movement in pipes can generate noise. The noise doesn’t have to be loud to cause problems. Not very loud noise can also be stressful.
  • Prevent condensation. Preventing condensation is also very important. If water drips onto the floor, the surface may become slippery. Constant condensation can cause steel pipes to corrode, mold and fungus to form, or more sensitive materials to rot.
  • Frost protection. During the winter season, damages from frozen and burst pipes become more frequent, which damage properties worth hundreds of thousands of BGN. Installations that are located outside or in unheated rooms are at risk of freezing in winter. There is a risk of burst pipes and damage caused by this. Installing insulation can reduce heat loss and delay the moment when the installation freezes. However, insulation alone cannot prevent the installation from freezing indefinitely.

Rock wool pipe insulation modules come in diameters from 1/2″ to 14″ and wall thicknesses from 25 to 100mm. The length of one module is 1.20 m. The appropriate insulation is selected depending on the nominal diameter of the pipe to be insulated. The modules have a longitudinal cut on one side and are easily installed on the pipes. The modules covered with aluminum foil have a lengthwise self-adhesive aluminum sticker with which the longitudinal section of the insulation is glued during installation. The joints between the individual modules are additionally bandaged with aluminum tape. Knee insulation is made by cutting segments from straight modules, depending on the curve of the knee.

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