The art of silence with Isolgomma

“DI TRADE GROUP” Ltd. offers modern, innovative solutions for improving the sound insulation of existing buildings and reducing the problems caused by impact noise. We present the products of the Italian company Isolgomma – SylCer, Sylwood and Upgrei on the Bulgarian market.

– SylCer sound insulation under ceramic and stone floors

SylCer is a specially developed innovative and high-quality flooring, ideal for noise reduction in old and new buildings, where a ceramic or stone covering is planned. SylCer is a high-density, low-thickness coil insulation material made of SBR and EPDM regenerated rubber that absorbs walking noise. It is laid directly on the existing pavements /without destroying them/ or on concrete. Compact, thin and environmentally friendly material, designed to be laid on heated floors.

– Sylwood sound insulation under natural and laminated parquets

Sylwood is a thin rubber mat made of recycled high-density SBR and added cork granules that absorb walking noise, specially designed for installation under natural or laminate parquet floors. This product has been developed to meet any sound insulation requirements for new or upgrading existing wooden flooring. Sylwood is an environmentally friendly roll material with a small thickness and easy installation, suitable even for heated floors.

– Upgrei sound and heat insulation in 8 mm

The Upgrei line is an innovative range of products for sound and thermal insulation of floors. Developed using the latest technology, this range gives exceptional results when used in the construction of concrete floors. The products, which are based on the proven Grei technology, are made of special EPDM rubber granules and a layer of polyester fibers. The combination of these two materials gives a product with extremely high acoustic, temperature and mechanical indicators.

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