Why we should use stone wool in the insulation of your home

  • 1. Stone wool has excellent thermal insulation properties. Stone wool insulation effectively reduces home heating and cooling bills. Depending on its density, thickness and other properties, it can be installed on roofs, in lightweight partitions, walls, on floors and facades. Thermal comfort and indoor air quality are improved. This makes the living environment of the occupants healthier.
  • 2. Stone wool has sound insulation properties. This is just as important as its thermal insulation properties. Noises coming from neighbouring apartments sometimes interfere with the comfort of the home. With proper insulation, you may not hear these unwanted sounds in everyday life and enjoy peace and quiet.
  • 3. When thinking about fire safety, don’t forget insulation. Stone wool is non-combustible and provides security and fire protection for your home. Fire can quickly get out of control in buildings without proper insulation. Stone wool does not spread fire and does not emit smoke.
  • 4. Stone wool is a breathable material. The stone wool insulation system allows moisture particles to effectively pass through the walls and insulation. If there is residual moisture in the walls – a breathable system with insulating wool will allow this moisture to pass out and the walls will be dry. This reduces the risk of mould and bacteria developing in living spaces.
  • 5. Slabs are of optimum dimensions conforming to standard construction practices. They can be easily cut to exact dimensions and mounted in the specified location. We offer special, serrated blades for cutting wool that do not tear the plates. The wadding is packed in packages that facilitate its transportation.
  • 6. Stone wool retains its properties over time. It does not age / it is not an organic material / and does not need further maintenance unless it is mechanically damaged. By insulating your home with stone wool, you are making a long-term investment with a quick return.
  • 7. Izocam stone wool products have EUCEB certification. This certificate is only given to the category “Organic products”, by the European Certification Board. EUCEB-certified products are made from fibres that are not classified as hazardous, in accordance with EU regulations on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures. The sign that the material is certified is placed on the packaging of the stone wool rolls and slabs you purchase from us.
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