Environment Day

Every year on 5 June, the world celebrates World Environment Day. This is a manifestation of the United Nations for positive action related to environmental protection. Increasingly, governments around the world are developing their legislation towards environmental protection, and consumers in developed economies are demanding that suppliers demonstrate compliance and good practice on environmental issues.
Thermal insulation is directly related to environmental protection, nature conservation and energy saving. Although the link between the environment, energy problems and isolation is not obvious at first sight, it can easily be shown that there is a direct relationship between them.
Isokam, whose insulation is offered by our company, fulfils its duty to society and works for the protection of the environment, develops projects on this topic, carries out research and development for the production of environmentally friendly products, introduces management systems in its factories and holds declarations for environmentally friendly products.
Mineral and stone wool products have an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).
With global warming a major threat today, energy efficient buildings are more important than ever to protect the country’s environment and economy. We must not waste resources such as natural gas and electricity, but use them efficiently. We need to be more careful about the use of energy in our daily lives. We need to consider energy saving recommendations by thinking about what we can do for our living spaces through permanent and long-term solutions.

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