Industrial stone wool on boards “Izocam”

The non-flammability of the industrial stone wool boards allows them to be used for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection for applications where high temperatures are present. The wadding of the “Izocam” company meets the European standard TS EN 13501-1 – Thermal insulation products for buildings. The fire reaction class is A1 – non-combustible material. The boards have excellent thermal insulation properties – low thermal conductivity and high vapour permeability.

Industrial stone wool can be installed on the smooth surface to be insulated, using studs, or laid into a structure. Sheathing is then made from sheet metal. Industrial stone wool boards can also be used in the manufacture of stone wool insulation panels.

The industrial stone wool “Izocam” boards are ideal for sound and heat insulation in the following cases:

• Industrial enterprises.

• Technological equipment.

• Steel-framed buildings.

• Thermal insulation.

• Fire safety.

• Easy installation.
• Sound insulation.

Индустриална каменна вата на плочи “Izocam”

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