Gypsum board “Knauf Vidiwall” with SK edging

“Knauf Vidiwall” wall and ceiling panels are made using a technology that ensures sustainable construction, heat and sound insulation, as well as a high degree of fire protection. “Vidiwall” plasterboards are attached to wooden or metal structures. An important quality is also the vision that is achieved, as the construction of Vidiwall provides a smooth surface for applying paint or gluing tiles and wallpaper. Board type acc. to BDS EN 15283-2, reaction to fire class A2s1,d0 acc. BDS EN 13501-1 Vidiwall plasterboards are made of high-quality baked plaster and paper.

The planes are applied in all areas of dry construction, including for kitchens and bathrooms in homes or for rooms with a similar purpose. They are attached to wooden or metal structures.

Field of application of gypsum fiber boards “Knauf Vidiwall”:
• Schools.
• Hospitals.
• Hotels.
• Housing construction.
• Industrial and sports buildings.

• High resistance to scratching the walls due to the high surface hardness.
• High mechanical strength of the walls.
• Walls with high sound insulation. Dry floors for isolation from impact noise.
• Mechanical strength of the walls – hanging cabinets. Dry floors for acoustic comfort.
• Impact resistant walls. Fire protection of metal structures.

Thickness (mm): 12.5

Width (mm): 1,200

Lengths (mm): 2,000

Sound: Standard requirements (50-54 dB)

Fire Protection: Up to EI 120

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