Acoustic membranes “MAD2” and “MAD4”

The acoustic membranes “M.A.D.2” and “M.A.D.4” are high density modified bitumen membranes specially designed as an anti-resonance material. They consist of modified bitumen with fiberglass fabric reinforcement and are double-sided covered with polyethylene foil.

• It is used between rigid elements, such as plasterboard, to improve insulation at low frequencies in both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
• It is used between springs to increase the overall isolation, and it improves significantly at low frequencies.
• Used in industrial insulation as an anti-resonant material, providing acoustic mass to galvanized steel sheets.

• By increasing the mass of the light walls, higher acoustic performance is achieved.
•Shifts the resonant frequencies of the solid elements making the isolation greater.
• Between insulators converts acoustic energy into dynamics, improving isolation at low frequencies.
• By increasing the isolation at low frequencies, the air chambers can be the smallest possible.
• Easy to install by stapling to the surface or using M.A.D Autoadhesiva.
• Improves the resonance of galvanized steel sheets.


Length (cm): 1200
Width (cm): 100
Thickness (mm): 1.9
m² / pallet: 336
Area (m²): 12


Length (cm): 600
Width (cm): 100
Thickness (mm): 3.7
m² / pallet: 168
Area (m²): 6

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