Sound insulation for walls “Isolgomma Mustwall G”

High-quality sound insulation and noise insulation with reduced thickness, strong material, easy to install, highly resistant to moisture and condensation.

“Mustwall” products are made for quality sound insulation of walls. “Mustwall G” is created with high density SBR rubber granules for wall and ceiling insulation.

The “Mustwall G” series is part of our family of rubber products, created using eco-friendly technology and production processes that allow the use of more than 92% of recycled and/or recycled materials. This series contributes to achieving a standard point in the LEED® system in the MR 1-1.1-1.2-2-3-4-5 code area.

The “Mustwall G” series is suitable for noise insulation in the following cases:

• Sound insulation of hollow walls.

• Sound insulation of plasterboard walls.

• High-quality sound insulation with reduced thickness.

• Sturdy material.

• Easy to install.

• Highly resistant to moisture and condensation.

Nominal thickness: 10 mm.

Panel size: 1.20 x 1.00 m.

Density: 700 kg/m3.

Sound insulation coefficient of air noise: ≥ 54 dB.

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