Thermal insulation system “Ragnar”

RAGNAR – the new thermal insulation system with a future!

The “Ragnar” thermal insulation system includes:

  • “Ragnar” facade EPS boards: 5 cm.
  • “Ragnar” glue and putty with fibers: 25 kg.
  • “Ragnar” reinforcing mesh: 160 g.
  • Dowels – PVC with a nail
  • Primer for plaster: 25 kg.
  • Scratched dry plaster: 1.00mm.

We offer different options of finish coating in color and structure.

At the customer’s request, the system offers:

  • PVC corner feeder with net: 8 x 12 2.50m.
  • Drainage corner with net: 10 x 10 2.00m.

Invest in RAGNAR Thermal Insulation System to save tomorrow!

The thermal insulation system can be applied to new and old buildings.

The “Ragnar” system has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, protecting the premises from cooling in the winter and overheating in the summer. Saves up to 60-70% of heating and cooling costs. It is vapor permeable and allows the building to “breathe”, which in turn helps prevent mold and condensation.


Топлоизолационна система “Ragnar”

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