Microporous rubber in rolls

Microporous rubber is an insulating material based on elastomeric rubber, with a closed cell structure. Used for insulation of air conditioning, heating and cooling systems. It can be uncoated, coated with aluminium foil or self-adhesive.

With the microporous rubber, the outer surfaces of the ducts of the HVAC systems are insulated, for the purpose of thermal insulation and condensation control. Where there is radiant heat transfer, the use of microporous rubber with an aluminum foil coating is recommended. The material is glued to the surfaces with special glue, and the joints must be well covered with insulating tape. Gluing should be done carefully without causing loss of thickness. The installed insulation must be protected from mechanical damage and tearing. If the surfaces insulated with microporous rubber are outdoors – a protective coating must be laid on the insulation within 5 days.

The microporous rubber on the wheel has good thermal conductivity – 0.034 W/mK at 0°C. The rolls without and with aluminum foil coating can be applied in the range from -50 to +105°C. The rolls with a self-adhesive surface are applied in the range from -50 to +85°C. The microporous rubber in rolls is produced in accordance with the standard TS EN 14303 – Thermal insulation products for construction facilities and industrial installations.

The microporous rubber insulates:

• External surfaces of ducts and pipelines.

• Heating, cooling and air conditioning systems.

• Thermal insulation and condensation control systems.

• Thermal insulation.

• Condensation control.

• Does not contain chlorofluorocarbon (CFC).

• Very high elasticity.

• Does not harm the environment.

Микропореста гума на рула

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