Self-adhesive insulation fasteners

Self-adhesive square head plate to which is riveted a nail and a self-tightening washer.


  1. To be installed at a temperature above 10⁰C (recommended temperature between 15 and 25⁰C).
  2. The surface must be clean and dry, dust-free, degreased and free of other materials.
  3. Remove the protective film keeping the adhesive surface.
  4. Place the fastener in the desired position and firmly press the base onto the insulation surface.
  5. The insulation can be applied immediately by pressing with the plates, but the maximum adhesive strength is achieved after 24 hours.

Self-adhesive fasteners are easy and quick to install.

They are made of galvanized steel with a base of 50 mm x 50 mm. The diameter of the fastener is 2.7 mm and with a length of 37 mm. Application operating temperature: between -10°C and +80°C. Each kit also includes a pack of 47mm washers to press down on the insulation.

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