Light gypsum plaster for machine application “Knauf MP75L”


Gypsum plaster for machine application MP 75 L is a light and extremely cost-effective, pre-mixed dry plaster applied in one layer on all types of masonry, especially mixed masonry and hollow stones, as well as on the rough ceiling surface incl. monolithic concrete. MP 75 L is ideal for aerated concrete, silicate bricks, pumice, concrete bricks, mixed masonry or stones for building walls, as it takes into account the specific properties in terms of hygroscopicity and the quality of the foundations. It is laid with a minimum thickness of 0.8 cm, the average thickness for laying is 1.5 cm for walls and a maximum of 1 cm for ceilings. Surface quality level Q.

Gypsum plaster for walls and ceilings, for rooms with normal air humidity, including domestic kitchens and bathrooms.

• Easy to operate.
• Particularly effective.

Packaging: 30 kg bag.

Consumption: 8 kg/m2 for 10 mm layer thickness.

Shelf life: 6 months.

Storage temperature: min. +10°C.

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