Acoustic Comfort

The acoustic comfort of rooms is increasingly important for people in their personal lives as well as in their workplace. A good and pleasant conversation in a restaurant or at home, a concert in a hall with appropriate sound distribution and diffusion, as well as learning in quiet classrooms with optimal speech intelligibility are examples that show how the right acoustic design of residential and public spaces can affect our daily lives.
The control of the acoustic characteristics of the premises is very important in the following types of buildings: schools, concert halls, offices and public spaces, hospitals, commercial areas, sports halls.
Certain parameters have the greatest influence on our perception of sound quality in a living or working space. These are: the background noise, the reverberation time and the homogeneity of the sound pressure level distribution.
The most important parameters that can be used to describe the acoustic characteristics of a room are: reverberation time, equivalent absorption area, clarity, speech transmission index. Perhaps among these characteristics, reverberation time is the most important. The best systems to reduce this time take into account the geometry of the room and the porosity of the materials to increase sound absorption and reduce sound pressure levels.
In order to properly design the acoustics of a closed space, all the listed parameters must be taken into account.
For example, in a conference room, the audience can only adequately perceive the speaker’s words if the interior surfaces of the room are designed so that the sound propagates effectively.
A room with too much reverberation will raise the sound pressure level too much, and this will affect speech intelligibility. A room with too much absorption can prevent sound from reaching all listeners.
Di Trade Group company offers modern acoustic solutions and a wide range of materials, depending on the priorities of the users and the field of application.
To achieve an optimal effect, consult our specialists, who will offer you the best solution.

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