Suspended ceilings – A modern, affordable and beautiful solution for your home

Suspended ceilings are becoming an increasingly common element of the interior of rooms in modern homes. They are most often chosen for the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, and why not the bathroom? The suspended ceiling has many advantages and is an important part of the overall look of any room.

“DI TRADE GROUP” offers the following types of suspended ceilings:

Plasterboard suspended ceiling
One of the most preferred uses of plasterboard is its use to make suspended ceilings. The reason is that these ceilings have many advantages and almost no disadvantages. Plasterboard suspended ceilings consist of a supporting structure with profiles, leveled and fixed firmly to the main, concrete ceiling. With them, a perfectly smooth surface is achieved. In combination with mineral wool, a high degree of thermal insulation is achieved. The suspended plasterboard ceiling allows for various interior effects – shapes, figures, niches, shaping on several levels. Allows the use of various plasters and paints. Various lighting effects can also be added. The plasterboard suspended ceiling is suitable for any type of premises: living quarters, offices, bathrooms, wet rooms, discotheques, restaurants and others.

Raster suspended ceiling
Another type of suspended ceiling is raster. It is made of metal profiles that hang on special hangers. Suspended ceiling panels are placed on top of them, forming the final surface of the ceiling. This system allows the hiding of the various installations running along the ceiling and easy access to them during revision. The modular construction itself is easily dismantled and replaced. The panels are different depending on the place of application – acoustic, fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, etc. There are also differences in suspension systems – open edge, semi-hidden edge and closed. Panels can be made with different finishes and materials. They can be made of mineral wool with PVC coating or colored veil, have a different relief on the surface, be metal or mineral fiber. They visually break up the surface, which could be an advantage in a precise combination with the surrounding space. They are suitable for: residential premises, hospitals, schools, administrative buildings, night clubs, wet rooms, restaurants, concert halls, etc.

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