New FOAMEX thermal and sound insulation product for floating floors

For your attention, the company DI TRADE GROUP offers a material – FOAMEX IS, which finds application
when laying under screed, to ensure heat insulation and sound insulation.
The material has a thickness of 5 and 10 mm and a density of 30 kg/m3 and achieves shock noise insulation of 35-37 db.

The material is produced from polyethylene foam using cross-linked technology, with a closed cell structure, resistant to moisture, flexible, odorless, without chemical or heavy metal content harmful to human health. It does not wear and does not deform over time. The material is not conducive to the formation of mold, fungi or bacteria. FOAMEX offers solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings. Produced in different thicknesses, densities and finishes.

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