New biodegradable packaging from “Izocam”

As one of the leaders in the insulation industry, the company “Izocam” considers its mission extremely important in achieving the 17 goals for global development of the United Nations. With its activity, “Izocam” makes its contribution and supports the achievement of the following 8 goals:

  • Good health and well-being;
  • Affordable and clean energy;
  • Secure work and economic growth;
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure;
  • Sustainable cities and communities;
  • Responsible consumption and production;
  • Combating climate change;
  • Partnerships for Purpose.

A new contribution to the fulfillment of these tasks is the change of rock wool packaging produced by our partner. In the production of the new packaging of the new generation, a smaller amount of paint is used. They are translucent and white, with reconfigurable dimensions and materials used. This leads to a reduction in the carbon footprint of packaging production and shows concern for the environment and human health. The visibility of the products inside the package also increases. This facilitates material storage and handling activities. Like the recently updated glass wool packaging, the new packaging features a simple design and easy-to-read labels.

“Izocam” products also have the “EUCEB” certificate, which is issued only to bioproducts, and biodegradability is also important for the purposes of sustainable development. The company “Izocam” is one of the first manufacturers of thermal insulations to be issued such a certificate.

You can make your personal contribution to the fulfillment of global goals by using products with these packages.

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