The right thermal insulation for facades

A well-insulated facade creates comfort for the building’s occupants and provides more benefits than just maintaining a better temperature in the premises. Thermal insulation plays an active role in achieving the desired standards in everyday life. External thermal insulation also provides a fire-safe environment, reduces ambient noise, and at the same time high temperatures in the home are maintained for a long time.

Thermal insulation, which is made with the right materials, the required thickness and installed correctly, prevents heat loss in buildings.

  • The thermal insulation, made with the wool of the “Izocam” company, covers the surface of the building like a shield and gives effective results. Heat losses are significantly reduced.
  • Insulation helps protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions.
  • Insulation also prevents physical changes that could occur to building components due to thermal stress and makes buildings safer and longer-lived by preventing structural damage such as internal wall stress, surface cracks and corrosion, condensation formation .

The home is the most important place for those who live in it. Every owner strives for maximum comfort and quality of life. However, the high quality of life or comfort of a home does not depend solely on its furnishings or decoration. First of all, the main requirement for a home is to protect its inhabitants from external influences. Therefore, a home must be insulated against cold and heat, noise and possible dangers. To protect the home from external adverse conditions, to reduce bills and to achieve maximum comfort, it is necessary to install external thermal insulation made out of stone wool.

Properly placed external thermal insulation ensures that the internal temperature is maintained at the desired levels for a long time. Heat losses in winter and excessive heating in summer are reduced. This has a positive impact on heating and cooling bills.

The facade wool also provides fire protection. It is non-combustible and does not emit toxic gases or smoke.

Insulation wool for facades, produced by the company “Izocam”, will provide you with a warmer winter and a cooler summer at home.

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