Plasterboard partitions and insulation

Construction technologies are developing at a rapid pace. Today, the construction of lightweight partition walls and pre-wall cladding is widespread in residential, commercial, industrial and warehouse spaces. They are used to shape the interior spaces. Their construction can be made of wooden or metal profiles. In most cases, the main requirement for the insulation that is installed in these walls is sound absorption to improve the sound insulation of the wall. The thermal insulation properties of the insulation material used are also important. In most cases, partition walls must also meet specific fire safety requirements. Whatever the goal to be achieved – acoustics, thermal insulation or fire safety – with the installation of the right type of wadding, the partition wall will cover these requirements.

When uninsulated, the cavity inside the wall creates an echo and drumming effect that amplifies the sound. The mass is very important for sound blocking, and the mass of the partition walls is usually 12 mm thick gyrsoboard and nothing more. Solid brick walls are far better at preventing sound transmission, but some are too thick, have no cavities, and directly transmit vibrations from one wall to another. This is a big disadvantage if you have a neighbor who is noisier, likes to listen to loud music or TV. The mineral or stone wool that is installed in the partition walls to prevent the spread of unwanted sounds has a special density and provides maximum sound absorption.
Izocam partition wall panels can also be used for thermal insulation of walls adjacent to unheated spaces or on adjacent walls to provide thermal comfort. With their excellent thermal insulation properties, they will protect your living space from the heat in summer and from the cold in winter, provide the desired temperature and constant comfort.
The fire safety of buildings is a very important element, and the type of insulation materials has a key role. The wadding that is laid in the partition walls is Class A1 reaction to fire – non-combustible material. The intended level of fire protection depends on the type of the overall system.
The mineral and stone wools of the Izocam” company are specially made with appropriate dimensions, so that they correspond exactly to the dimensions of the structure from which the partition walls are made. They are easy and quick to work with, which reduces the overall installation time.

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