Sound insulation with an acoustic membrane

Acoustic membranes “MAD 4” and “MAD 2” are high density, specially designed as an anti-resonance material. They consist of modified bitumen with fiberglass fabric reinforcement and are double-sided covered with polyethylene foil.


Acoustic membranes are an effective replacement for lead sheets. Placed between porous absorbent materials, they work as a panel absorber (most effective at absorbing low frequencies).

– used between solid elements, such as plasterboard, to improve isolation at low frequencies both on walls and horizontal surfaces;– used between spring elements (mineral wool, rock wool) to increase the overall insulation of the system, improving the significantly low frequencies through the membrane effect of mass-spring-mass systems;

– are used as insulation in industry, as an anti-resonance material providing acoustic mass to sheets of galvanized sheet metal.

Instructions for laying MAD acoustic membrane:

– laying the first layer of plasterboard;

– laying of MAD acoustic membrane with the help of tacker

– laying a second layer of plasterboard

For more information about “MAD 4” and “MAD 2” contact our representative.

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