Start enjoying spring with our insulation

When buying a house, we usually pay attention to the plastering of the walls, the condition of the bathroom and the equipment, furniture, etc. Most people forget, however, that the home must also have good insulation both outside and inside. In fact, insulation is one of the most important factors in comfort. Insulation provides energy savings by maintaining the internal temperature, offers fire protection and blocks potential noise from the outside and neighboring apartments. Therefore, the insulation of the roof, partition walls, external walls and foundations should also be considered as a prerequisite when buying a house. Be well informed about the types of insulation materials, where they are placed and what their thickness is – this is important for achieving maximum efficiency. In addition, the use of insulation in all building details makes the structures safer and more durable. For example, installation of microporous rubber insulation on the pipes ensures condensation control, and ready-made mineral wool modules for pipe insulation prevent heat loss. The mineral wool insulation of the under-roof space ensures a pleasant temperature on the top floor. Well-insulated partition walls and pre-wall cladding provide sound insulation and fire protection. Insulation of the facade with stone wool on plates provides thermal insulation and fire protection.
It is good for potential owners to pay attention to these details, and not only to the decorative and stylish appearance of the house. It should not be overlooked that energy saving, fire protection, noise reduction and maintaining the desired internal temperature are only possible with appropriate insulation.
The insulation materials offered by our company can ensure the comfort of your home.

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