Celenit wood panels, why not?

DI Trade Group presents to your attention the Celenit wood panels.

For more than 50 years, Celenit boards have provided environmentally friendly, thermal and acoustic insulation solutions to improve comfort, energy efficiency and fire safety in residential and office buildings. Limiting echoes in busy public places-bars, restaurants, gyms, schools and multi-purpose buildings-is very important for people to enjoy the activities taking place there. Absorption of sound waves as well as different interior solutions are achieved with the Celenit acoustic panel, which is a mixture of wood particles with Portland cement in different colours and sizes. Ram acoustic and interior solutions with Celenit panels eliminate thermal bridges in columns, beams and inter-storey linings. They are also used as permanent formwork for concrete, for insulation of flat and pitched roofs. Why should we prefer to use Celenit in modern construction? Because apart from the applications already listed, it is an environmentally friendly product made from wood from PEFC certified forests. The innovative buildings that are increasingly entering our modern lifestyle offer great advantages in terms of insulation, breathability, speed of construction and low environmental impact. Celenit panels are the most suitable insulation material because, thanks to their density, specific heat, moisture and fire resistance, they protect these buildings, increasing their efficiency and durability. Let us learn to use the different, innovative products to achieve the maximum comfort of living. Celenit products will give you pleasure in handling and ease in performance. Their application as suspended ceilings in your restaurant, in your school or sports centre will make you different and bring comfort and cleanliness to the room. Don’t hesitate to incorporate Celenit panels into contemporary design and you will see that your customers will be surprised by the versatility of this product.

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