The most suitable season for soundproofing the home

Sound insulation is the protection against noise – impact or air. Through it, we improve our quality of life, work and rest. Sound insulation is achieved through various materials and systems, and is applied more and more often in modern construction. It can be placed both during the construction stage and subsequently.

Summer is the season of vacations, but also the most suitable period for repairs. If you are renovating your home, it is important to consider several factors that determine comfort in it.

Outside noise can be a hindrance to your sleep at night, as well as disturbing being at home during the day. If you live in a busy area, sound insulation installed during the construction of your home or afterwards will improve the quality of your sleep and contribute to a pleasant stay during the day.

If the building in which you live is not designed so that noise does not pass through the walls, floors and ceilings, then during renovation, the installation of sound insulation can protect you from foreign noises, but also preserve the privacy of your life from others.

The proximity of your bedroom to stairwells and elevators guarantees impact noise. Sound insulation of individual elements and, if possible, of common parts would give an optimal result.

If you share walls, floors and ceilings with your neighbors, it is very likely that you will hear other people’s noises and even their footsteps.
In the event that their and your border premises are used for different purposes and you lead very different lifestyles from each other, the likelihood of interfering with each other is huge. Our advice is to establish good relations with your neighbors. The rescue from noise could be achieved if soundproofing is done in both dwellings.

Sound insulation is the opportunity to enjoy silence and contribute to the normal functioning of the body, so do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. Ensure comfort in your home through our systems and materials!

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