We will focus on energy efficiency and environmental protection!

Interview with Ms. Ani Tsonevska, Manager of DI Trade Group for Builders magazine, issue 4, 2016.

Ms. Tsonevska, could you introduce your company and your activities?
The company was established in 1994 as a family company with its main activity being trade in insulation materials. We are one of the first companies in Bulgaria that started to pay attention and to direct the attention of builders towards insulating buildings from the foundation to the roof in order to save energy as well as creating comfort in residential buildings and offices. Since 1995 we have been the exclusive and sole dealer of one of the largest manufacturers of insulation materials IZOCAM – part of the Saint-Gobain Group. For 22 years we have managed to develop the entire range of insulation materials in our portfolio, to build our own independent bases in the country with over 20 acres of warehouse space and about 500m2 of offices. The newest area is noise insulation materials, and we are further developing the acoustic composite market.

Introduce innovative products that increase energy efficiency.
The company offers very good and effective solutions to help efforts to reduce the greenhouse effect – storing heat in winter and reducing electricity bills. Over 50% of energy consumption comes from buildings, about 2/3 of which is for heating and cooling. Properly installed insulation allows us to maintain a comfortable temperature and sustainable indoor climate in both winter and summer. Heat loss will be reduced if we insulate the ceiling and façade of the rooms we live and work in. For 50 years, IZOCAM’s factories have been producing human-safe and proven materials such as stone wool, mineral wool, EPS and XPS. DI Trade Group’s mission in energy efficiency is to properly inform its customers – where, how and what insulation to install in residential and office buildings. It’s important to know that to have energy efficiency, we don’t just need to put in some insulation, we need to put in the right insulation, the kind that will produce astonishing results in terms of reduced energy bills. Yes, the capital investment is not small, but as Marco Polo said “I am not so rich as to buy cheap things”. The money invested will come back to us many times over.

In the last 2 years DI Trade Group also offers eco products for insulation of different parts of the building. Some of them are from recycled plastic bottles, clothes, others are from natural products – wool, hemp, kenaf. I strongly believe that these are the products of the future, and although it is difficult to imagine how we will renovate buildings with these products, we need to work in this direction if we want to save our planet. For now, however, we will mostly use the facade batts and systems and the EPS systems.

What is behind the success of the company and your objects energy efficiency?
What makes us recognizable and what keeps customers coming back? First of all, we are the only dealer for Bulgaria of IZOCAM. Secondly, there is no other company in this industry in Bulgaria that keeps in stock more than 50 types of wool – stone and mineral. And last but not least – our fairness to all partners. The balance between price, quality, service, knowledge and dedication to the profession is important. This is our mission, and it gets results. The sites that have used our products are many – smaller and larger, across the country. Our first project related to energy efficiency in Koprivshtitsa, where we built a complete façade insulation of a family hotel back in 2002, will remain significant for me.

Share expectations for the development of the company.
I believe that the activities of DI Trade Group will continue to develop in the direction of energy efficiency and environmental protection achieved through eco-friendly products, as well as expanding our knowledge in the field of noise reduction in residential buildings and office premises. We will also strive to develop new materials to improve comfort in the buildings we occupy. The future belongs to creative people, and we are part of it.

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