Polymer facade paint “TERAZID”

“TERAZID” polymer facade paint is a facade paint based on high-quality dispersions with added mineral fillers and UV-resistant dyes.

The paint is produced in a wide range of colors, forming a highly resistant film with a flat matte surface after drying. Available colored according to catalog. The paint creates a white or colored waterproof surface after drying. It has a good covering ability and enables work on different solid bases in new construction and in facade repairs. The liquid consistency of the paint makes it possible to renew smooth and cut facades, separate coloring of various facade elements and details, as well as color renovation of old structural facades, preserving the main decorative effect.

The purpose of the polymer facade paint is to create a fine protective-decorative film on building facades, walls and ceilings. It is suitable for repairing facades filled with dragged or scratched polymer or dry plaster, as well as for painting facades after performing additional thermal insulation of old buildings.

• Good coverage.

for fine foundations: about 0.500 kg/m2;
for rough foundations: about 0.700-0.800 kg/m2.

• the material is a ready-to-lay product.

operating temperature: from +5°С to +30°С.

content of non-volatile substances: from 60 to 62% by mass.

wet film coverage: below 220 g/m2.

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