Megamat anti-vibration pads

Di Trade Group offers the anti-vibration mat MEGAMAT by Isolgomma. The most common area of ​​application of this product is the reduction of vibrations resulting from the operation of machines, with the aim of reducing sound, reducing the health risks of people who are exposed to noise and vibration, improving and extending life of the machine itself and its reliability.

Thanks to the special structure of rubber fibers and granules, this product is extremely effective against high and low frequency vibrations. Isolgomma’s MEGAMAT enables the reduction of vibration and transmitted noise levels according to European requirements, both for residential and industrial buildings and facilities. It is widely used in the operation of rotary machines, engines, lathes and looms, presses and compressors, cutting and processing machines. Suitable for installation under air conditioning installations and air processing equipment, generators and others. In residential conditions, it is suitable for laying under washing machines, dishwashers and other household appliances that create vibrations.

Isolgomma is a company that has been producing vibration isolation materials for residential and industrial construction for many years. Investing continuously in product research and development, Isolgomma continues to create innovative solutions and high quality products.

Megamat is suitable for laying under slabs and/or floating floors to provide partial or complete isolation of vibrations caused by heavy or lighter machines and precision instruments. Thanks to its special structure of rubber fibers and granules and the wide range of available thicknesses and densities, this series is extremely effective against high- and low-frequency vibrations.

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