Polycarbonate – Advantages of the material

Polycarbonate bends easily
It is a thermoplastic material, which means it has several very useful properties. It can be easily formed into a variety of shapes and structures. It is bent at the mounting point with a different radius to form a curved surface. It can be heated, cooled and reheated without adversely affecting its properties. This removes design constraints and makes the execution of curved details extremely easy.

It is resistant to impact and breakage
Compared to glass, polycarbonate sheets have much greater resistance to impact and breakage. This is extremely important when it comes to the transportation, handling and installation of the material in any project. When the building is in service, polycarbonate provides greater resistance to hail, falling objects and branches than glass or other similar materials. These features reduce potentially expensive maintenance and repair costs.

The material is very light weight
The low weight of the material is an advantage in terms of structural design. The load on the structure is much less and therefore funds can be saved in the reduction of structural elements. The weight of the material also gives an advantage when handling it – it can be easily transported, carried and maneuvered to the installation site.

Polycarbonate is a good insulator The thermal insulation properties of the material make it an increasingly popular choice for cladding or roofing. The air that is in the chambers of the multi-chamber polycarbonate creates air pockets and improves the thermal characteristics of the building. Polycarbonate is also a good sound insulator. Polycarbonate sheets can often be seen used as acoustic barriers near busy roads, construction sites or railway lines. They are also used as partitions in offices or shops.

Polycarbonate lets light through
Since the panels are transparent, they let maximum sunlight into the rooms. At the same time, they protect against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. On one side of the sheet there is a UV protective coating that repels UV rays and allows safe rays to penetrate the premises. Natural light has a positive effect and reduces stress levels.

Thanks to the above properties, polycarbonate is used to make: greenhouses and other agricultural buildings, canopies and sheds, vertical glazing, fences, railings, light roofs of industrial sheds, covered pedestrian crossings, roofs of swimming pools, etc.

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